I'm not big on New Years' resolutions. I've been known to set myself up with some resolutions at the beginning of the year, and then a year goes by and I found that I've somewhat accomplished a few of them in a different way, not like I originally intended to. Like those stories where you get to ask a wish to a genie and the genie makes it true in a twisted way, with unforeseen consequences.

I'm saying this as a preface to what comes next, because it might sound like a new years' resolution, but it's not.

I've just read about the 3/3/3 method of productivity, and frankly, I'm a little bit burned on productivity methods. Yeah, I was there when they coined 'lifehack'. I was there when 'Getting things done' was all the rage. I'm not big on this things, even if I like to read about them. But this 3/3/3 thing resonates with me. It goes like this:

Sounds a bit slacky, huh?. That's exactly my point and what I find attractive on this.

What? I just spent my 3 hours and made some commits on Main Project, time to check out if I can talk to someone about next-thing-on-my-plate. Or making sure last-thing-I-completed is up to date and working fine.

Hey, I just spent a bit on the elliptical machine, did the dishes and a folded a load of laundry. I'll vacuum tomorrow as one of my 3 maintenance tasks.

It looks easy to remember, kinda easy to cross out in your mind without pesky paper or software, quite easy to achieve and feel satisfied about.

Let's see if it sticks with me.