Still toying

I've been toying with additional smol web and fediverse tools these last weeks. But not one day has passed that I have not thought "I should post a small text on my gemlog". Here it is.

Mastodon: I had a couple accounts on big instances since 2017. They're both dead, their domains bouncing to a gossip news site and a porn site full of placeholders. I've since made a new one on a mid-size instance, but still not feeling it. I've been entrenched on my usage of twitter for a lot of years: Tweetdeck on the desktop, Talon on the phone, and not touching the official app or web. It's too comfortable now, and I don't see any ads whatsoever. There's a lot of list, filters, and stuff I should build on mastodon to reach a similar level of useful/uselessness.

I took the leap, researched some low end boxes and rented a seedbox and a droplet for a few bucks a month. It's been somewhat refreshing, getting a new server to do stuff with, but I don't feel the joy in managing a server that I felt 20 years ago. The internet is a much more dangerous place now. Besides setting up a remote torrent client, I've still to make something useful of it.